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Develop Children's Identity with Science

Discover how a social justice approach to science teaching can support ALL children to build an identity with science.

In PSTT’s four-part webinar series, experts from Explorify, the Institute of Physics and NUSTEM share research and materials to help enrich your science lessons. Learn how to reduce stereotypes commonly heard in the classroom while encouraging young learners to have a personal connection to science.

This collection is aimed at class teachers, science subject leaders, student teachers and anyone with an interest in primary science education.

Scroll through to watch all videos and download the accompanying slides for each.

Webinar 1

Take a Social Justice Approach to Your Science Teaching

Are you interested in learning new ways to engage and help more young people relate to science?

This first webinar gives educators guidance to ensure all learners have a personal connection to their science lessons. Discover quality resources and expert suggestions on ways to apply them through a science capital lens.

Presenters for this session: Accredited Science Capital trainers Ruth Shallcross (PSTT) and Jo Moore (Explorify)

Download accompanying slides

Webinar 2

Physics is for Everyone: Explore IOP’s Limit Less Campaign

Support young people to change the world! The IOP recognises the importance of all children having the opportunity and agency to be part of solutions for our future.

Offering guidance and ideas for practitioners, this webinar delves into the more practical side and shows how teachers can put these ideas into action throughout their school.

Presenters for this video: IOP’s Beth Bramley and Carole Kenrick

Download the accompanying slides

Webinar 3

Use Your Classroom to Promote Diversity in Science

Does your school promote diverse role models? This third webinar examines the meaning of diversity, common misconceptions and offers suggestions on how your school can encourage and celebrate diversity in science.

Learn about high quality resources that are easy to add to your curriculum while enriching your science lessons.

Leading this webinar: Kulvinder Johal (PSTT) with contributions from Dr Pearl Agyakwa (Nottingham University)

Download the accompanying slides

Webinar 4

Tackle Stereotypes & Raise Awareness of STEM Careers

Are you interested in learning how NUSTEM have used their research to improve children’s connection to science and STEM careers?

Watch the last webinar in the series to learn more about children’s perceptions of scientists and strategies for developing positive connections with people working in STEM careers based on shared characteristics.

Discover tools linked to the National Curriculum to help promote a wide range of STEM careers.

Presenters for this event: NUSTEM’s Annie Padwick and Joe Shimwell

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PSTT international Primary Science Education Conferences

In 2016 and 2019, PSTT was proud to host the International Primary Science Education Conference. Taking place in Belfast and Glasgow, these major events united primary science educators from across the UK and internationally. The programmes included keynotes, practical workshops, reflective seminars, interactive talks and a wealth of suggestions for hands-on and exciting science activities. In 2019, PSEC included a special conference for children too.

In 2019, 99% of delegates agreed that the conference met or exceeded their expectations.