a close up image of small, colourfully painted pumpkins, decorated with various sizes of black dots

Sketchbook Science

Projects for children to learn and apply both scientific and artistic skills

Sketchbook Science is a set of eight projects that combine learning in both science and art. Each project has been developed and trialled by a collaborative group of practising teachers with expertise in science and in art. Rigorous attention has paid to ensuring that the essence of good teaching in both science and art has been maintained, enabling purposeful learning to take place in both subjects.

The projects cover the teaching of substantive concepts relating to the biological, chemical and physical sciences, and they all offer opportunities to develop disciplinary knowledge and to learn and apply skills of science enquiry. The children are also introduced to new skills and techniques in art, and each project culminates a piece of work in which the children apply and communicate their new learning and skills in both science and art.

Learn how the Sketchbook Science activities might be used in your own setting. Visit our events page for a 40-minute video to help you better understand the resource and see the projects in practice.

Start your Sketchbook Science planning

Each Sketchbook Science lesson contains:

  • Expected learning outcomes for children’s conceptual development
  • Key artistic and scientific vocabulary
  • Resource lists
  • A step-by-step list of suggestions about what to do in the learning activities for art and for science investigations
  • Ideas for recording and presenting results from the science investigations
  • Examples of artwork
  • Information about the artists that inspired the learning activity ideas
  • Further resources related to the activities
  • Background science explanations to support teachers
  • Links to related Explorify activities

Download the curriculum coverage document to reference for each project.

Curriculum coverage