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Why and How? is for anyone who has an interest in primary science. Our FREE newsletter has been designed to offer practical support as well as to update readers with news, research, projects and key dates. Each issue contains the following sections, which you can download individually below:

  • Common Misconceptions
  • Pictures for talk in science
  • The Why & How Challenge
  • Free resources
  • Cutting edge research linked with the principles of primary science

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Unfortunately Issue 1 of the Why & How Newsletter is currently unavailable.

Common Misconceptions

We know how tricky it can sometimes be to deal with children’s common misconceptions, so in each issue we focus on a particular area of science and offer expert guidance on how to address them.

Pictures for Talk in Science

Each issue includes a picture as a stimulus for talk. Starting with a picture is an open-ended, easily usable and inclusive approach to group talk in science. This picture can be used with any age, and it is hugely flexible; it might start out as a fifteen minute stand-alone activity but could lead to all sorts of other possibilities, e.g. investigations based on what the children identify they want to find out more about.


Pictures for Talk Autumn 2017 [184.38kB]


Why & How Challenge for the Whole School

The Why and How Challenge is a regular pull-out feature and we hope teachers will enjoy using it with their class or as a Whole School Competition.


Why & How Challenge (Paper Spinners) Autumn 2017 [121.74kB]



Paper Spinners Template Autumn 2017 [41.12kB]