A Scientist Just Like Me

Introducing children to a diverse range of scientists and people who work in science-related jobs.

A Scientist Just Like Me is designed to raise awareness of diversity in science-related jobs and to provide illustrated examples of a wide range of science-based careers. It consists of a series of short slideshows, each one ‘telling the story’ of a particular scientist or person working in a science-related job.

The slideshows are intended to be used as discussion prompts, guided by a teacher. They can be used in different ways and for different purposes, for example:

  • to show children an example of someone from a particular ethnic background working in a science job
  • to challenge gender stereotypes about science jobs
  • as part of a science topic that relates to the work of the scientist
  • as stand-alone fifteen-minute discussion activities
  • with a small group or the whole class, or in a whole school assembly

The A Scientist Just Like Me resource was created by PSTT Fellows, Kulvinder Johal, Alison Trew and Ali Eley during 2021.

We are extremely grateful to all the scientists featured in this resource; we thank them for their time, for sharing their information, and most of all for the enthusiasm and commitment to the aims of the resource.

Michael Sulu

Biochemical Engineer

Job type: Engineering
Personal details: Male / Black British / STEM Ambassador
Location: London

Rachael Singleton

Behavioural Scientist

Job type: Animals / Environment & Climate
Personal details: Female / White
Location: Northern Ireland


Morgan Macleod

Quantitative Linguist

Job type: Computing / Research
Personal details: White / Male / STEM Ambassador
Location: Northern Ireland

Emma Wride

Space Science Communicator

Job type: Space
Personal details: White / Female
Location: South Wales

Candy Jiang

Analytical Chemist

Job type: Materials / Medicine / Research
Personal details: Female / East Asian, Chinese / Heterosexual
Location: Bristol

Candy video

Emily Charlton


Job type: Animals / Medicine / Research
Personal details: Female / White British
Location: Edinburgh

Emily video

Helen Mason

Solar Scientist

Job type: Space / Research
Personal details: Female / White British
Location: Cambridge

Helen video

James Mortimer


Job type: Materials / Research
Personal details: Male / White British / Gay Man / STEM Ambassador
Location: Bristol

James video

Kelsey Byers

Evolutionary Biologist

Job type: Animals / Plants / Materials / Research
Personal details: Non-binary / White & other/mixed European / Asexual / Physical Disability
Location: Norwich

Kelsey video

Pearl Agyakwa

Materials Scientist

Job type: Materials / Research
Personal details: Female / Black African
Location: Nottingham

Pearl video

Broc Drury


Job type: Animals / Medicine / Research
Personal details: Male / White Scottish
Location: Edinburgh

Brock Dury

Rafsan Chowdhury

Mechanical Engineer

Job type: Materials / Forces / Engineering
Personal details: Male / Bangladeshi / Heterosexual
Location: Derby



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Portrait of Sarah Bearchell

Children’s Science Writer and Presenter – Dr Sarah Bearchell

STEM Outreach & Communication | Female | White British

Portrait - Eliza Hunt

Chemist – Eliza Hunt

Materials, Medicine, Research, STEM Outreach & Communication | Female | White British | Heterosexual/Straight | STEM Ambassador

Portrait Magdalena Wajrak

Chemist – Dr Magdalena Wajrak

Materials, Research | Female | Caucasian | STEM Ambassador

Portrait of Kathryn Waring

Chartered Civil Engineer – Kath Waring

Engineering, Forces, Materials | Female | White British | Heterosexual/Straight | STEM Ambassador

Portrait of Ahna Skop

Cell Biologist – Dr Ahna Skop

Animals, Medicine, Research, STEM Outreach & Communication | Female | Ukranian, Lebanese and Eastern Band Cherokee | Heterosexual/Straight | STEM Ambassador

Portrait of Richa Sharma

Bio-Technologist – Dr Richa Sharma

Materials, Medicine, Research | Female | Asian (Indian)

Portrait of Rachael Croft

Biomedical Student – Dr Rachael Croft

Medicine | Female | White British

Portrait of Brianna Green

Biogeochemist – Brianna Green

Environment & Climate, Rocks & Fossils | Female | African American (Black)

Portrait of Robyn Grant

Biologist – Robyn Grant

Animals, Research | Female | White

Portrait of Anwar Khan

Atmospheric Scientist – Anwar Khan

Computing, Environment & Climate, Materials, Research | Male | Asian | Heterosexual/Straight

Portrait of Rachel - Singlton

Behavioural Scientist – Rachael Singleton

Animals, Environment & Climate | Female | White

Portrait of Sara Trabulo

Biochemistry Scientist – Sara Trabulo

Medicine, Research | Female | White

Can I see where the scientists work?

We have created eight short videos of scientists in their place of work talking about what they do, challenges they have faced and offering advice to children interested in science.

We have not specified a target age range for these videos and the decision about whether the content is appropriate for any particular group of children should be made by the teacher; we recommend viewing them in full before sharing.

How can I get involved?

We are always looking to add more slideshows to this resource.

If you work in a science-related career (or know someone else who does) and would like to be included in the resources, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Kulvinder Johal at or get in touch via the PSTT office on

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