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Scientists and their work

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5-7, 7-9, 9-12

Activity sheets and videos in which historic scientists (played by an actor) and present-day scientists talk about their work.

Science at Work is a collaboration between the Primary Science Teaching Trust, Spectrum Drama and St. Mary’s University to create opportunities to meet past and present scientists and to learn more about people who do jobs that use science.

Six videos are available in which past scientists (played by an actor) and present-day scientists talk about their work and answer questions submitted by children.

Accompanying each video is a two-page activity sheet for each scientist with information about them and what they do, plus lots of links to related topics and activities. Children are encouraged to think of questions they would like to ask the scientist and although there is no longer an opportunity for them to send them in, the children are quite likely to hear the scientist answer the same or a similar question when they watch the video.

Meet the scientist

Meet Florence Nightingale

Florence discusses the importance of hand-washing.

Learn about the ‘Lady of the lamp’.

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Meet Florence Nightingale video

Meet the scientist

Meet Gene Cernan

How to survive in space, including how to drink a glass of water and go to the toilet!

Meet the last man to walk on the Moon.t man to walk on the Moon.

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Meet Gene Cernan video

Meet the scientists

Meet two doctors

The hospital doctor tells us about looking after patients and the immunologist explains how our bodies react to visruses and how vaccination works.

Meet a viral immunologist and a hospital doctor.

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Two doctors video

Meet the scientists

Meet a trainee astronaut and a climate scientist

Hear about the challenges of becoming an astronaut and how space weather helps us to understand event on Earth.

Meet a space scientist and a climate scientist.

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Two scientists video

Meet the scientist

Meet Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Hear about building the Albert Bridge in London, the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, and steamships.

Meet ‘the greatest engineer that ever lived’.

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Brunel video

Meet the scientists

Meet two engineers

Hear about building the Olympic Park in London and London Bridge Station.

Find out more about Jyoti and Alisa’s engineering projects.

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Two engineers video

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