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Look inside for creative and interactive teaching approaches to implement in your school

This summer issue is full of ideas to enrich science learning across your school. This issue contains professional learning opportunities, approaches that develop children’s scientific vocabulary and literacy, safety essentials for primary science and much more.

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2024 issues

Spring 2024 (issue 20)

Try our latest resource that links science with art, get hands-on by tackling plastic waste & explore how soundscapes can help restore coral reefs.


2023 issues

Autumn 2023 (issue 19)

Discover a resource that links science with geography, connect pupils with nature and bring science and art together throughout your school.


Summer 2023 (issue 18)

Try resources for seaside learning, integrate meaningful climate science education into your curricula and discover Early Years activities.


Spring 2023 (issue 17)

Get inspired to do more engineering learning, explore solutions to global challenges and discover resources to share with your science club.


2022 issues

Autumn 2022 (issue 16)

Get inspired for COP27, explore free resources to share with your whole school and discover how soil fungi could reduce global warming.


Summer 2022 (issue 15)

PSTT celebrates 25 years of supporting primary science! Discover free resources, take the plastic pledge and learn about activities from Explorify.

under water sea life

Spring 2022 (issue 14)

Find resources for learning all about biodiversity, CPD and classroom sessions on climate science and raise awareness of UK animals and plants.


2021 issues

water droplet close up

Autumn 2021 (issue 13)

This issue investigates the affects of plastics in soil, introduces our Primary Climate Science Symposium & contains a sample unit not to be missed.

pupils conducting a science investigation

Summer 2021 (issue 12)

We've provided educators with whole school curriculum planning, a free sample unit from 'I Can Explain!' and plenty of visuals for climate learning.

child conducting a a science investigation at home

Spring 2021 (issue 11)

Interested in tips on handling misconceptions for sound or a ready-to-go resource that can be done at home or school? If yes, take a look inside!


Previous issues

pupils conducting a science investigation in school

Autumn 2020 (issue 10)

Download this issue for PSTT's science subject leader toolkit, links to practical 'Titanic Science' videos from SSERC & tips to support eco-anxiety.

children watching PSTT's resource Science at Work whilst learning at home

Summer 2020 (issue 9)

The majority of this issue is devoted to supporting educators with school closures and home learning, including samples from 'See Through Science'.

child attending PSTT's international conference holding up a skeleton hand for the camera

Spring 2020 (issue 8)

This issue supports effective climate education, contains a lever-themed challenge and has a complete lesson from one of our most popular resources.

educators engaged in effective CPD during PSTT's international conference

Autumn 2019 (issue 7)

Take the Why&How? challenge, learn all about microplastics and find out how successful our international conference was in Edinburgh.

pupils engaged in outdoor learning

Summer 2019 (issue 6)

This issue contains STEM club resources, an article about electrical signals and biology as well as guidance on a common misconception.

pupils analysing parts of a flower in the classroom


Lawrlwythwch ein rhifyn Gwanwyn er mwyn cael adnoddau parod a gwybodaeth am gamsyniadau cyffredin am lifrau, pwliau a gerau. Bydd awgrymiadau yma h...

pupils analysing parts of a flower in the classroom

Spring 2019 (issue 5)

Tackle misconceptions on levers, gears and pulleys in this issue, share our article on camouflage and learn how you can use drama in science.

chain of reaction display using wooden blocks

Autumn 2018 (issue 4)

Explore whether science and fiction can coexist, share an illustrated 'Picture for Talk' and have your pupils clean water using a molecular sieve.

children attending an exhibition of outstanding images from the world of microscopy

Summer 2018 (issue 3)

Learn how to deal with the complexities of teaching and learning about evolution, discuss our robotic image and explore living things outdoors.

pupils conducting a science experience outdoors

Spring 2018 (issue 2)

Here we share common misconceptions related to electricity, a free 'Science Trails' sample, learn how new skin is grown and much more!

educators attending primary science CPD

Autumn 2017 (issue 1)

Do you want to understand more regarding teaching and learning about light? Or how to calculate the age of a shark? We have the answers!