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Titanic Science

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Animals, Electricity, Forces, Properties & Uses of Materials, States of Matter

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Cross-curricular, Practical Science, Science Enquiry

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7-9, 9-12

A series of free videos and a book (available to buy) to illustrate practical science activities based on the story of the Titanic .

The story of the Titanic is an exciting context for practical science investigation. PSTT’s Titanic Science book, written by PSTT Fellow Jim McDaid, provides a step-by-step guide for teachers to carry out engaging cross-curricular science enquiry. It demonstrates how science played a pivotal role during the key moments in the history of the world’s most famous ship. By following the science of the Titanic, children explore a series of exciting practical investigations, with accompanying historical narrative.

The primary science team at SSERC has created a series of free-to-download short videos to illustrate some of the practical science activities based on the story of the Titanic.

With grateful thanks to colleagues at SSERC.

The book

Titanic Science has been written by teachers for teachers

Individual investigations can be used to highlight scientific concepts, or the whole resource can be used to examine the full story of the Titanic. As a multi-disciplinary resource, it will also provide material for other curriculum areas, such as creative writing, history and numeracy.

The book includes:

  • Clear learning intentions for each investigation
  • Science context section outlining the scientific phenomena of each investigation
  • Comprehensive list of equipment you may need
  • Easy instructions on how to set up and carry out the investigations
  • Key questions provide teachers with useful prompts to assist children in their investigations
  • ‘Titanic Trivia’
  • Extension and enrichment activities
  • Recording sheets – allowing more time for enquiry
  • Beautiful, authentic photographs of the Titanic.

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Cold fingers 1 - take a pulse

Watch the first video in the Titanic Science series here. For the remaining videos in the series, search through the cards below.

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Titanic Investigations video activities

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Animals, States of Matter

Cold Fingers 2 – Build a Tower

Cross-curricular, Practical Science, Science Enquiry | 7-9, 9-12

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This will help me put science right back into my curriculum… a fantastic resource full of wonderful practical ideas!

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Safety Notice & Disclaimer

The PSTT advises teachers to refer to either the CLEAPSS website or SSERC website for up to date health and safety information when planning practical activities for children.

The PSTT is not liable for the actions or activities of any reader or anyone else who uses the information in these resource pages or the associated classroom materials. The PSTT assumes no liability with regard to injuries or damage to property that may occur as a result of using the information contained in these resources. The PSTT recommends that a full risk assessment is carried out before undertaking in the classroom any of the practical investigations contained in the resources. Please note that the PSTT has created the Science at Work videos for children from aged 4 to 11 to watch with a parent, carer or teacher. The PSTT recommends to any adult concerned that children might be sensitive to the content of the video, that they watch it in advance of showing it to the children.