Let's Talk Science and Health

A highly interactive set of science teaching resources to encourage discussion in the classroom

The Let’s Talk Science and Health resources provide teachers with a highly interactive set of science teaching resources which encourage discussion about health related science issues in the classroom. These science teaching and learning materials help to develop the important skills of expressing informed and balanced opinions based on understanding and evidence. Find out more about the project itself here. These resources are also available on the SSERC website.

Why use this approach?

The science curriculum throughout the UK calls for the use of varied approaches in teaching science; including using relevant contexts that are familiar to young people's experience; encouraging independent thinking and allowing for collaborative learning as well as placing an emphasis on children explaining their understanding of concepts; and informed discussion and communication. These science teaching resources include activities which have been developed to help teachers encourage meaningful discussion about scientific issues. The 5 areas which have been developed support the following science and health issues: Diet, Diabetes and Obesity, The Liver and Alcohol, Vaccines and Vaccination, Environmental Issues and Plants Matter.

The Teacher's Guide Documents for each section provide the curriculum links for the Scotland, England and Wales, and Northern Ireland curricula.

What is "Let's Talk Science and Health"?

The science teaching and learning materials include activities which are based around a series of resources developed by SSERC. They are aimed at upper primary and early secondary school (KS 2 and KS 3) pupils and their teachers.These five activity packs could be used with pupils from age 10-14 as part of their science studies or a PSE/PSHE (personal/social/health education) programme.

Each of the activities consists of 3 parts.

The "Let's Talk Science" Materials

The resources have been designed to be downloaded by teachers. There is a Teachers Guide for each activity, including lesson plans and ideas for each activity and curriculum links, as well as background information on the topic. The resources for pupils' use are also downloadable.