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pictures for talk

This pack is a collation of the Pictures for Talk featured in Why&How, issues 1-11


A picture can be a very good stimulus for children to engage in effective talk in science. Using pictures is an inclusive approach which facilitates high levels of participation. Pictures can also be used as a starting point for inquiry. The discussions the children have will generate questions that they want to investigate.

Asking the children carefully chosen questions about a picture will support them with learning to:

  • construct explanations and link their ideas with evidence
  • make confident challenges to the ideas of others
  • explore scientific terminology and use it with genuine understanding

Pictures for talk in science activities are designed to be very open ended and usable with any age of children. The activities can be done as a quick ten minute starter, or extended into a longer and more in-depth lesson. This pack is a collation of the Pictures for Talk featured in our Why&How? Newsletter, issues 1-11. Click here to view all the issues.


Pictures for Talk Booklet


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