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Let's Go! STEM Trails

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Animals, Biodiversity & Habitats, Electricity, Forces, Plants, Properties & Uses of Materials, Seasonal Change

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Outdoor Learning, STEM

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5-7, 7-9, 9-12

A holistic way of looking at science in the world around us using the local environment

Let’s go! STEM Trails provides numerous ideas for teachers to help children to discover and understand STEM concepts in primary schools, using the outdoor environment as a stimulus.

Following the success of PSTT’s ‘Let’s Go! Science Trails’ resource, the 29 STEM Trails in this book are also designed to enthuse, inspire and support teachers to find not only science concepts in the outdoor environment of the school grounds and locality, but focus on and link this to technology, engineering and maths, in thought-provoking ways.

The Trails, covering EYFS to upper primary level, have all been written by practising teachers, who have created this invaluable CPD resource with even more ideas to promote outdoor learning throughout your primary school.

Jeannette Morgan (Author), Sue Martin (Editor), Prof. Dudley E. Shallcross (Foreword)

The book

What's included in the book?

The book includes:

  • 29 Full Colour Trails
  • Curriculum Grid
  • Cross Curricular Links

The Trails cover biology, chemistry, physics, maths, engineering and technology and the book includes a full glossary of relevant science, technology, engineering and maths terms.


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Lets go aquarium page

Let’s Go! Aquarium

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Lets go boats page

Let’s Go! Aquarium / Boats

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STEM page

Let’s Go! Boats

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Animals, Biodiversity & Habitats, Electricity, Forces, Plants, Properties & Uses of Materials, Seasonal Change

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