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Wooden Models

How things move

About the Project

This booklet is designed to be used alongside a set of 12 wooden models - commissioned by the Primary Science Teaching Trust for use by PSTT Fellows - with the intention of creating a beautiful, 'hands-on' resource. The resource is intended to be used to explain and demonstrate science topics and also to provide inspiration in design & technology lessons and to link with history topics.

This booklet contains ideas on how to use the models in the classroom, from generating interest, activities for use in a lesson, application to real life contexts and also cross-curricular links. The ideas and activities in this booklet have been tried and tested in various classrooms with children from Year 2 to Year 6. The booklet also contains an information sheet on each of the 12 individual models, with background information, movements demonstrated, real life applications, links to videos and pictures. The activities do not need to be used as a whole lesson; for example, it is possible to design an introductory 10 minute activity with the models, or a full 60 minute workshop on 'How Things Move'. In addition, there are photocopiable sheets for children to record their findings during the activities.

The resource booklet is published here primarily for the benefit of those who already have access to the physical resources, which were distributed as part of this project in 2012. It may also be of use as a source of information for teachers who do not have a set of the models but who find value in its content to support their own lessons exploring the science of machines. Please note that PSTT is generally not able to provide model sets to schools that were not involved in the original project. However, if a school in your vicinity of one that has a set of models, it may be possible to arrange a loan of the set.

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Safety Notice and Disclaimer

PSTT advises teachers to refer to either the CLEAPSS website or SSERC website for up to date health and safety information when planning practical activities for children.

PSTT is not liable for the actions or activities of any reader or anyone else who uses the information in these resource pages or the associated classroom materials. PSTT assumes no liability with regard to injuries or damage to property that may occur as a result of using the information contained in these resources. PSTT recommends that a full risk assessment is carried out before undertaking in the classroom any of the practical investigations contained in the resources.

All materials are ©Primary Science Teaching Trust (PSTT) and are freely available to download and share for educational purposes. Whilst educators are free to adapt the resources to suit their own needs, acknowledgement of copyright on all original materials must be included. Rights to images included in the resource have been purchased for PSTT use only – as such, these images may only be used as part of this resource and may not copied into or used in other materials.