Explore, engage, extend

Eliciting children's knowledge and understanding in science to inform the planning of new learning experiences

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Written by PSTT Fellow Tracy Tyrrell, this fantastic new book supports teachers to elicit children’s knowledge and understanding in science and use this to inform the planning of new learning experiences.

Explore, Engage, Extend includes twenty sets of highly engaging practical activities to support teachers with assessment for learning in science. The activities generate rich assessment data, enabling the teacher to plan the topic in response to the children’s specific needs. The topics presented cover the upper primary age range, but they are also transferable across year groups, and can be easily adapted for the particular curriculum being followed by the school. The activities are intended to be used at the start of a topic, but are equally valuable for providing a practical approach to learning at any stage of a topic.

Teachers from the trial project say:

“Explore, Engage, Extend is excellent assessment for learning.”

“The children are more engaged and motivated and make good progress.”

“Science in my classroom is now much more child-led.”

ISBN: 978-0-9954811-4-5



This sample unit is the complete unit about sound from Explore, Engage, Extend.
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