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School Clusters

Schools working collaboratively to impact science teaching and learning positively.

Benefits of collaborative networks of schools

Working in a collaborative group we can achieve much more than working in isolation. School science clusters provide the opportunity and environment to develop primary science teaching, benefit our schools and have a positive impact in the classroom.

In any school there may be changes to teaching staff at different times, and PSTT recognises that some of these changes may mean that good teachers of science may leave. Therefore, PSTT encourages schools to form school science clusters so that schools can support each other in their development of science teaching, with each having more resilience to changing circumstances in their school.

Supporting cluster development

PSTT cluster guidance

Access our guidance document for advice on setting up, building, or running a school cluster.

Find out more about what PSTT has learned from its cluster programme.

We welcome any further questions that you may have. We also offer individual advice and support meetings. PSTT provides non-financial support to those running or wishing to build their own cluster network.

PSTT Cluster Guidance

Printable cluster guidance document

Custer benefits

Cluster benefits

Cluster successes

PSTT Cluster successes


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