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From time to time, The Primary Science Teaching Trust (PSTT) is approached by third party businesses and organisations seeking to create working partnerships which may also allow the third party to use PSTT’s name or logo to endorse its own products, services or events. For clarity, the term product could include but is not limited to: classroom resources such as science apparatus, books, magazines and journals or digital materials; lesson plans and teaching ideas. PSTT may also consider certain products, services and events created by third parties to be suitable of promotion due to their quality and relevance in support of its own mission. The purpose of this policy is to define clearly the basis on which PSTT will allow its name and logo to be used on carefully selected third party products.


This policy applies to those products produced by a third party to which PSTT has made no direct financial or ‘benefit in kind’ investment in their development or production. This includes products which may be supplied to schools or to individuals or organisations not currently involved in a legal binding contract with PSTT. It does not include any product, service or event produced or provided by organisations with whom we have a contractual partnership, memorandum of understanding or a non-contractual but collaborative partnership (a list of these organisations, which may change from time to time, is appended to this policy).

Principles of endorsement

The following principles will apply in all matters of endorsement:

  • PSTT will consider all approaches made by others for endorsement of products/ services/events and will come to a decision based on the individual merits of each case. The authority to proceed with an endorsement will rest with the CEO or Directors as appropriate;
  • Endorsement implies a level of responsibility by PSTT. Although the final responsibility for the product/service/event rests with the external party, PSTT will ensure that this meets its own quality assurance standards;
  • While PSTT recognises the need for commercial organisations to realise a profit, PSTT’s priority will be to promote equality of opportunity, inclusion and education for all and will not therefore be associated with any product, service or event that potentially disadvantages any group of learners;
  • PSTT will endorse only those products/services/events that align with its values, mission, ideology and strategy;
  • PSTT will not endorse any products/services/events that have the potential to cause it reputational risk;
  • The policy shall apply to all appropriate media, e.g. print and electronic media, events and presentations and includes books, all learning resources and other printed materials and material supplied on CD or DVD, or over the Internet;
  • In this document, such media will be subsumed in the term products/services/events; and
  • All approved endorsements will be made by PSTT within a mutually agreed timeframe and with an agreed lifespan.

As a general rule, PSTT is unlikely to endorse commercial resources (i.e. those that are not provided free of charge) from non-partner organisations; however, we reserve the right to make decisions on an individual basis without creation of any precedent.

Forms of endorsement

The following are all forms of endorsement:

  • use of a PSTT logo;
  • the inclusion of a foreword or introduction written by a PSTT employee;
  • a statement from PSTT within the product or literature associated with a service/event saying that PSTT endorse the content and/or approach;
  • involvement by PSTT as a partner ‘intellectually’ in development work that results in a tangible endorsement;
  • the review of educational programmes developed by others and approval of the content;
  • the inclusion of others’ products/literature in PSTT products/services/events;
  • the inclusion of a PSTT member of staff or contracted-for-services individual in publicity materials used to promote others’ materials;
  • financial support; and

We do not accept that attendance by PSTT employees or contracted-for services individuals at an event associated with others’ products provides an endorsement by the PSTT.


The following process is to be followed in all requests for endorsement by PSTT:

  1. All requests for endorsement should be passed to a Director/CEO for consideration.
  2. Consideration will be given by the Director/CEO as to whether a decision can be made immediately or that the request requires further consultation depending on:
  • the nature and purpose of the product;
  • the potential market of the product;
  • the financial viability, service standards and market position of the applicant;
  • their knowledge of the organisation making the request.
  • The extent to which the product is suitable for the intended audience and its purpose (in line with its nature and medium);
  • Whether the product is accurate and up to date;
  • The existence of any products already produced by PSTT itself or through any other collaboration agreement; and
  • The extent to which the product complements any existing PSTT product, service or event.

The CEO/Director will also consider:

If in any doubt about whether or not to approve endorsement, Directors will take advice from the CEO and further consultation may follow.

Formal approval of any endorsement will be recorded.

Associated outworkings

It is accepted that some types of endorsement are not commercial in nature, however, Director/CEO approval is still required.

PSTT may publicise its endorsement of others’ products/services/events on its website and, when appropriate, through other media at its discretion.

The PSTT logo/name (individually or together) may only be used by others along with the words ‘approved by’ or ‘endorsed by’ when the product/service/event obtains written permission.

Where PSTT makes a direct input to the product/service/event endorsed, this input must be formally acknowledged in the product/service/event.

Those receiving endorsement must adhere to PSTT branding guidelines where a PSTT logo is being used. PSTT logos will be provided electronically for quality control.

Any products/events endorsed by PSTT must have full copyright clearance and PSTT will require a statement from the product/event developer to that effect. PSTT will accept no responsibility for copyright infringement liability in others’ materials.

Endorsement of Commercial Products

All endorsements of a commercial nature will require a memorandum of understanding.

Endorsement through association with teachers receiving Primary Science Teacher Awards

Teachers receiving a Primary Science Teacher Award (PSTA) are personally endorsed for their primary science teaching achievements by the PSTT (and in some cases by other organisations) and automatically become Fellows of the PSTT. They are permitted to use specific PSTT College Fellows’ logo(s) to publicise this achievement and in fact, are encouraged to do so. Fellows are not permitted, however, to use the logo or any association with the PSTT to imply further endorsement of their own or others’ opinions, specific activities or of any product whatsoever without the express permission of the PSTT.

Representatives of commercial organisations are not permitted to nominate teachers for Primary Science Teacher Awards.

If a nomination for a teacher is received from a Headteacher (or other appropriate person), the PSTA panel cannot consider any evidence in the nomination that is linked to a commercial organisation (whether or not this organisation gains financially from the school making the nomination) or that could provide publicity for that organisation from any subsequent Award.

No benefit or endorsement may be granted to, conferred upon or inferred by a commercial organisation or any of its products through its association with a PSTA nominee, Award winner or PSTT Fellow (unless agreed by contract or through a Memorandum of Understanding with that organisation).


The following disclaimer should be used where appropriate:

Whilst the PSTT has taken all reasonable care in assuring the quality of this product/service/event, PSTT makes no representation, express or implied, with regard to the accuracy of any information provided by any third party. PSTT does not accept any legal responsibility or liability for any fault, error or omission or the consequences thereof.