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Our Vision


Our vision is to see excellent teaching of science in every primary classroom in the UK.

There is much evidence showing that children’s interest in science is shaped before they leave primary school. So there is a very pressing need to ensure that primary-aged children do not lose that latent interest and enthusiasm for the world around them, and the science that underpins this.

While not all children will follow a career in science or related disciplines when they leave the school system, science literacy will influence their lives daily: for example, managing their health and understanding issues such as climate change. This means that science taught in primary schools is of vital importance to individuals and the nation’s well-being.

There is also a significant body of data that shows that the teaching of science supports literacy and numeracy and within the Trust’s activity there are myriad excellent examples of this.

The message is clear: we need good science teaching at primary school level, which is precisely what the Trust is seeking to support through a strategy that puts the teacher at the centre of all that we do.

Find out how we are achieving our vision.

Watch our message from the Director of the Trust, Professor Dudley Shallcross: