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DR Sophie Franklin

Research Director

After completing her Chemistry degree at the University of Bristol in 2010, Sophie joined the PSTT to evaluate the long-term impact and sustainability of some of the Trust’s work. This work contributed to her Masters degree, which she achieved in 2011. She then went on to complete a PhD in Science Education, focussing on exemplary primary science teachers and teaching, challenging the idea that a science degree is a requirement of an excellent primary science teacher.

Sophie has worked across a number of areas within the PSTT, including marketing and events, website management, resource creation and as Cluster Director, where she helped develop the strategy and vision of the Cluster Programme.

After returning from maternity leave in 2020, she became Research Director, a role which includes: supporting PSTT Fellows in their research, and monitoring and evaluating all PSTT activity to develop more efficient tools and improve practices. Sophie understands the importance of evaluation, the sharing of ideas and good practice in science education and actively seeks to produce results from her work which can subsequently help improve the quality of science education for children. Sophie also holds the role of Senior Research Associate at the University of Bristol.

As a science communicator, Sophie has engaged with thousands of students and teachers both nationally and internationally; including participating in the SEEDS (Systemic Education and Extra-Mural Development and Support) Scifest Africa Outreach Project, performing chemistry shows and teacher workshops in rural schools in South Africa. Sophie has also worked with students and teachers from township schools in Namibia at the National Science Technology and Innovation Week (NAMSCI), providing teacher CPD and student workshops.

When not working, Sophie can normally be found cooking, doing DIY, or exploring the outdoors, always followed closely by her two young children.


  • Chemistry
  • Science Communication
  • Schools Outreach
  • Cluster Development
  • Research Methodology
  • Statistical analysis
  • CPD


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