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Professor Dudley Shallcross

Retired Chief Executive Officer

Prof. Dudley Shallcross was awarded the first National Teaching Fellowship from the Higher Education Academy in Chemistry in the UK in 2004 and has subsequently won several national and international awards for his research in science (atmospheric chemistry) and contributions to Science Education and Science engagement at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. In education he worked on enabling effective transition from secondary to tertiary education in science, effective transition from primary to secondary in science, effective Outreach by HEIs to secondary and primary schools and teaching mathematics in context at all levels.

He was Director of Outreach for Bristol ChemLabS* from 2005-2010, where he developed a number of innovative programs linking tertiary science education with secondary and primary school partners, as well as the general public. He became Director of the Trust in March 2010, overseeing the development of a new strategy for the Trust where excellent teachers are at the centre. Dudley established the Trust’s College of Excellent Primary Science Teachers that aims to draw together the best Primary Science practitioners in the UK. Together with the support of Trust partners, he laid the groundwork for the College to play a significant role in shaping UK primary science for many years to come.

*Bristol ChemLabS is the only HEFCE Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in practical Chemistry in the UK.


  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Climate Change
  • Air Pollution
  • Atmosphere
  • Meteorology
  • Science Education
  • Situated cognition
  • Maths taught in context
  • Teaching practical (hands-on) science
  • Public Engagement


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