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michele grimshaw

Area Mentor for North West England

Michele Grimshaw joined the Trust as the North West Area Mentor in October 2015 after teaching in a large Primary school in East Lancashire for 20 years. Her experience in this school led to her being appointed as a Leading EAL teacher in the local authority with the main focus being on language development through science.

In 2006 she was awarded an AstraZeneca Primary Science Teaching Award which has resulted in many wonderful opportunities to promote science in the primary school sector and develop her own knowledge and skills. Michele has taught science to PGCE students at Manchester University and has been a member of the Primary Science Editorial Board reviewing and writing. She has worked with ESERO-UK supporting teachers with space science and enthusing children to become the next British Astronaut. This led to her being invited to the ESTEC centre in Holland to meet astronauts who had returned from the ISS.

Michele is passionate about outdoor education and recognises the importance of children and adults reconnecting with the wonders of nature and the benefits this can bring.

When not working in her mentor role for the PSTT she can be found protecting wildlife, bird watching and scanning the sky for meteorite showers.


In my role as North West (College) mentor, I have the opportunity to work alongside many inspiring and creative primary teachers who are determined to see that science remains a subject that excites children and encourages them to ask and answer questions about the world we live in.

Michelle Grimshaw



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