Kathy Schofield

Area Mentor

Kathy Schofield was awarded an AstraZeneca Primary Science Teaching Award in 2004, endorsed in 2015 by the Comino Foundation for her work with the PSTT College Fellows. She joined Trust staff in February 2013 as inaugural College Director after a long and varied career, namely as a research scientist for ICI, followed by science subject leader in St Edwards, Runcorn, Senior Lecturer in Primary Science at MMU, contracted by SLCNW to deliver CPD. During her time at MMU she achieved a STEM Masters, researching collaborative teaching and learning particularly through the use of dialogue, and exploring creativity with Year 3 BA students to develop learning beyond the classroom.

After stepping down from her role as College Director; Kathy continues to work part-time for the Trust as Area Mentor for Northern Ireland, a role for which she is passionately enthusiastic. This role has been inspiring; developing the voice of the NI Fellows to affect change in their unique curriculum and giving them opportunities to work with other PSTT partners to support all NI teachers. One of the highlights of working with this group of Fellows was the publishing of Jim McDaid’s vision for a shared resource ‘Where the story of Titanic meets Science Enquiry.’

Her roles for PSTT allow her to work collaboratively with teachers to promote and inspire them to deliver practical primary science particularly linking science to cross-curricular topics and active learning outdoors. Recently she has been involved in a small-scale Action Research project trialling Co-teaching as a possible model for CPD in a rural school in Northern Ireland.

When not working for PSTT she can be found Nordic Walking, practising Yoga, cycling or playing with her grandchildren