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Working towards our vision of excellent teaching of science in every primary classroom in the UK.

The structure of PSTT support has three very clear strands:

  • The Primary Science Teacher College – a virtual network of over 190 award winning primary science teachers, which in the short time since its development, has become a shining beacon of excellence in primary science and a wealth of expertise.
  • Clusters – PSTT is supporting pre-existing clusters, as well as encouraging schools to grow their own clusters to develop primary science across, and in partnership with other schools.
  • Collaborators – recognising the importance of research to underpin classroom activities, the Trust works with partner organisations and supports academic collaboration across the UK.

Each of these three strands has its own funding allocation. However, all three parties are encouraged to work together to share expertise and develop relationships between teachers in schools, across schools, with Higher Education Institutions, as well as other external partners.

In 2014 we set up Primary Science Teaching Trust’s Trading Ltd to facilitate the dissemination of our professional resources. Since 2020 our commercial resources have been made available through TTS Group. Our plan is to continue to create excellent resources written by teachers for teachers. We hope that the income generated from sale of our resources will allow the Trust to support more teachers across the UK.

We have used a flower to illustrate the strands and ultimate vision of the Trust:

  • At the centre of everything we do is the College; pictured as the centre of our flower.
  • Around the centre are our Clusters of schools developing and expanding partnerships with other schools.
  • The petals on the flower represent Collaborators, both academic and other. The collaborators may change, but will always support the Clusters and College in a variety of ways.

The second stage of the model shows the College and Clusters growing in number and in the third stage, all schools are part of a Cluster being supported by and working with the College and Collaborators. The ultimate aim (stage four) is that every school has an award winning primary science teacher, leading and promoting excellent primary science teaching and learning.

Find out more by downloading our overview document.



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