A collection of letters and poems that express human feelings about the climate crisis


PSTT is delighted to be working with the Letters to the Earth team and Harper Collins publishers. Letters to the Earth is a collection of letters and poems that express human feelings about the climate crisis. In the book there are letters from children, parents, artists, actors, poets, politicians, songwriters and scientists. We would like your children to add their voices to the collection. By submitting your child’s letter (using the upload your letter tab above), their letter will be considered for publication in an upcoming PSTT newsletter or for inclusion in a future Harper Collins Letters to the Earth publication or project.

The climate science section of our Why and How? Newsletter Summer 2020 includes a selection of the Letters to the Earth along with some questions and ideas about how to interpret and enjoy them. We also include a series of activities and suggestions to support children with writing their own letters.

Whatever your child wants to write about is welcome. It could be a letter, poem, song, postcard or a picture. The letter could be written to the Earth or from the Earth, to future or past generations, to adults who have the power to make important decisions, to ordinary people or to other species (animals or plants). It could be written as a human or perhaps from the point of view of a bee, bird, beech tree or another species.

Closing date for submission of letters is 31st August 2020.

Please note that PSTT is not responsible for any content published on the Letters to the Earth website. Some content on this site is only suitable for older children and adults. Teachers/parents using the site for inspiration should watch/read materials in advance and satisfy themselves of the suitability of the content before sharing this with primary school age children.


All letters submitted will be considered for publication and the parent/guardian/teacher of authors will be notified (via the email address given) if their letter has been selected. By submitting this form you are choosing to share data with PSTT and with Harper Collins publishers. These data will be held by PSTT until the end of the Letters to the Earth project, after which time the data will be permanently deleted from our records. To read our Privacy Policy in full please click here.

  • PSTT assumes all entries are original and are the works and property of the named author, with all rights granted therein.
  • PSTT is not liable for any copyright infringement on the part of the submitting/named author and it will not become involved in copyright disputes.

In submitting a letter, you are granting PSTT the irrevocable right to publish this (with suitable attribution to the author) in any format it chooses, whether in the Why&How Newsletter or in other resources it publishes, and to promote this letter through its website, social media, and any other digital and print formats.