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Support for Initial teacher educAtion

Primary Science Enhancement Award for ITE

The PSTT is currently developing a Primary Science Enhancement Award scheme for Initial Teacher Education (ITE) that would be open to any trainee teacher wanting to increase their experience and understanding of teaching and learning in primary science. The scheme draws on rationales, processes and resources developed by the Primary Science Teaching Trust’s Cluster Programme, the Primary Science Quality Mark, and by Stranmillis College, Belfast. It will support the trainee to undertake additional activity and development in primary science during their ITE phase. The scheme has undergone an initial pilot over the academic year 2020/21 but due to the disruption caused by the pandemic, a second, slightly larger pilot will take place from September 2021.

Aims of the scheme

For Initial Teacher Education providers:

  • To have access to a scheme to enhance their support for trainee teachers in science
  • To stay up to date with primary science education developments through engaging with PSTT and their wider collaborators

For trainee teachers:

  • To start their careers with increased competence and confidence to teach science
  • To be confident to take up a position of school leadership in science

The scheme is supported by the Association for Science Education and the Primary Science Quality Mark.

If you are an initial teacher education provider and would like to be notified when the scheme becomes more widely available or would like to register your interest to take part in the scheme from September 2022, please complete the form below.