"i've got sand in my shoes, miss!"

Supporting outdoor learning on the beach

“I’ve Got Sand in My Shoes, Miss!” was a project developed at Talacre, on the North Wales coast to encourage outdoor learning. Over sixty teachers from local primary schools worked together with a project team to explore ways to use the rich, natural environment to develop science work. Teachers developed resources both in English and Welsh for use in coastal beach and dune settings.


  • Develop science skills of pupils from Foundation Phase onwards
  • Develop skills of teachers that can be applied in the outdoor environment
  • Develop and trial resources that will add-value to outdoor learning
  • Encourage bi-lingual education in Wales


Project Lead: David Leigh Evans, SARN Associates

The project involved a mixture of workshops for both teachers and children either on the beach, at an off-site centre and in schools to encourage the use of a natural sand dune location for environmental and science studies. Resources were developed which could be shared between local schools.

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SARN Associates


  • Teachers involved benefitted from the professional development given and were more confident about making use of the natural environment.
  • Children enjoyed their visits to the beach and were actively engaged with outdoor learning.
  • Resources developed were well received and can be used to support other schools wishing to make use of the location.



SARN 2012 conference poster [2.62MB]



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