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This project is generating resources for primary teachers in the form of video podcasts - vodcasts. These are mainly about topical science themes and are available through a dedicated YouTube channel and they are also accessible from the MEDIA tab below.

The project also created a flexible and innovative search engine to identify useful material (science content and science pedagogy) without the need for specific search terms or precise knowledge to inform that search. The project, based on a tool called 'iFISH', created a front-end Web App targeted at PSTT resource materials. The App highlighted the benefits of using search sliders as a means to discover new resources, an idea that the Trust will consider during a later stage of website re-development.


Project Lead: Susan Rodrigues, Liverpool Hope University

Developing contemporary science and science education vodcasts

As schools in the UK are now technology infused and adults increasingly seek information via personal mobile technology, there is scope for teachers to access information in new ways; this project advocates the use of video-podcasts (vodcasts) that encourage and enable teachers to access research information. The vodcasts are hosted on a YouTube channel and work is underway to try to produce some materials to support their use in the classroom.

Working with classes, three teacher colleagues (one primary, one secondary and one tertiary) and 15 scientists over the period of 30 months, the project is producing 15 science education research vodcasts and 15 topical science vodcasts. The format of the vodcast may take the form of pupils/teachers interviewing scientists/science educators about their work, or scientists/science educators illustrating their work, or pupils/teachers discussing/demonstrating science or science education findings. The three participating teachers will create resource materials to show how the vodcasts can be used as trigger materials (and therefore of no more than 5 minutes duration). The aim of these vodcasts is to stimulate discussion and encourage critical debate and develop awareness and understanding of contemporary science and science education research within classroom practice.

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