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Vanessa seehra

I personally really enjoyed learning Science at school and as a result I continued to study within this field, completing a degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Leicester. I then made the decision to move into teaching, and throughout my career I have remained passionate about bringing Science to life in my classroom and school. In 2016 I completed a Masters in Education at the University of East London, I used my learning from this to support me in driving change to further develop Science teaching and learning practices across our school and beyond. I have supported teachers to develop dialogic teaching strategies in Science lessons to support their children to develop a deeper understanding of scientific concepts. A large part of this work also focused upon developing children’s enquiry based learning experiences and ensuring that children have the opportunity to build upon their scientific enquiry skills. Through this work I was able to successfully lead our school to achieving a Primary Science Gold Quality Mark.

The majority of my career has been spent teaching within the Early Years and Key Stage One, and as an Early Years Specialist Leader of education I have made strong links between the ‘creative and critical thinking skills’ element of the Early Years curriculum and the scientific enquiry skills. This has enabled me to develop the teaching and learning practices within the Early Years to ensure that interactions between adults and children provide opportunities for children to develop and build upon scientific enquiry skills from a young age.

PSTA Winner 2018
Highlands Primary School
Redbridge, London


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