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Sep 1, 2021

New Resources Released for September 2021

A Scientist Just Like Me is designed to challenge stereotypes and raise awareness of diversity in science-related jobs. Our short slideshows tell the story of a scientist who describes their job, what they enjoy about their work and the challenges they have faced on their career journeys. This resource focuses on the skills, attitudes and habits that are needed to carry out a particular task, rather than on any expert knowledge, which may be daunting to children. At the end of each slideshow, the children are encouraged to imagine and discuss what it might be like to do that job.

Use our search filter to select a slideshow on the following categories:

  • Job Type
  • Gender
  • Ethnic heritage
  • Disability
  • STEM Ambassador

Play, Observe and Ask (in EYFS) is a new resource that focuses on the teaching and learning of science in Early Years (ages 3-5 years) through play.

Use this resource to find out how you can develop science teaching and learning in your Early Years setting or at home. You will find strategies that will help develop children’s science skills and science vocabulary, as well as their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

Our Provision Maps within the resource gives ideas for activities and science investigations suitable for Early Years children. These are one-page maps that focus on learning science in an Early Years classroom or outdoors and are linked to different topics, nursery rhymes and storybooks that are commonly used.

We have developed engaging resources for Early Years such as wildlife games and activities that introduce plants, animals and fungi commonly found in Britain. These are intended to develop children's knowledge of the names and features of living creatures and habitats that could be found in their local environment.



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