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Jun 16, 2014

College Conference June 2014

At this year's College Conference we welcomed 30 new Primary Science Teacher Award winning teachers into our College. We held a two day event at the University of Manchester, welcoming over 100 delegates.

The theme for this year’s conference – ‘Never Stop Questioning’ – reinforced the enquiring nature of Primary Science, and the organisers highlighted this bold theme with challenging and thought-provoking keynote speakers.

Tony Hughes, MD of Huthwaite International, explored a range of different situations and scenarios, and showed delegates how they can identify what makes for good interaction, as well as motivating and encouraging them to “take the lead for change”. Drawing on many years’ experience – including a spell as a secondary school teacher – Tony showed how the techniques pioneered by his company could be applied to real-world scenarios.

Closer to home, Dr. Phil Manning from Manchester University asked a series of ever-more intriguing interdisciplinary questions, starting with why the famously enigmatic answer “42”…is so unsatisfactory. Reader in Palaeobiology and Head of the Palaeontology Research Group (PRG) at the University of Manchester (alongside a host of other roles) Dr. Manning’s blog is well-known as a place to find some of the more mind-stretching ideas in science education.

And this wasn’t all – the event also included a hugely enjoyable Children’s Conference, co-ordinated by Dr. Lynne Bianchi’s Manchester University’s Science Education and Research and Innovation Hub. Her ‘FaSCInate’ project drew over 100 excited representatives of 14 Greater Manchester schools to share some very creative approaches to science. “It’s so rewarding to see children experiencing real delight in discovery,” said Dr Bianchi, “and it’s great to be able to welcome them to the University.”

Add workshops, hands-on sessions, the launch of a ground-breaking set of classroom materials there’s no question that the Primary Science Teacher College is set to make waves in classrooms across the UK. “These teachers are doing incredible work, raising standards, excelling in tough conditions and going above and beyond what is expected,” says Kathy Schofield, “and we’re delighted to be able to celebrate their contribution."

Full details of the Conference can be found in the Conference Brochure.



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