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Jun 4, 2020

Brand new weekly resource - Science for One

Science for One consists of weekly activity sheets to support teachers with providing practical science lessons while children are sitting separately from each other. The activities can also be done outside.

Each activity sheet is based around one easy to obtain resource. Some activities require paper, pens, pencils, rulers and scissors; any additional resources needed are minimal and should all be easy to provide. Activities explore different science topics and suggestions are given for three age ranges. Each activity includes links to interesting follow-up ideas.

Although the children will be working independently with their own equipment, they should be encouraged to talk in pairs or groups about what they are doing. Many of the activities are exploratory or involve trial and improvement, so opportunities for discussion are important for the children to make progress with thinking and explaining.

We will send out a new Science for One every Thursday and we will also be posting them on all of our social media accounts. You can also receive these activities direct to your inbox by signing up to our mailing list. Please share these resources with other schools and encourage them to pass them on to their own networks.