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Aug 17, 2020

Awards for Prof. Dudley Shallcross

It is with great pleasure that we recognise two recent achievements for PSTT’s CEO, Prof Dudley Shallcross.

Dudley has been awarded the American Chemical Society’s 2021 George C. Pimental award in Chemical Education. This Award recognises "outstanding contributions to chemical education". It is given annually by the American Chemical Society and sponsored by Cengage Learning and the ACS Division of Chemical Education. George C. Pimentel, was an American chemist and chemical educator who taught at the University of California, Berkeley. The illustrious list of past awardees included three Nobel Prize winners (Pauling, Hoffmann and Seaborg)

The award citation reads: ‘For innovative contributions to the teaching of Chemistry (Science) from Elementary School to Postgraduate study and in promoting Chemistry to prospective students and the public.’ Dudley will receive the award in March 2021 at the ACS meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

In July 2020, Dudley became the President of the Education Division of the Royal Society of Chemistry and he will hold this role for the next three years. We know that Dudley is keen to see the Royal Society of Chemistry continue its support for chemical education (science in primary school) across the whole learning landscape and to support teachers at all education levels. He has pioneered virtual laboratory environments as a tool to support, and not replace practical work, through his work as a co-Director of Bristol ChemLabS, a Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, and such environments will play a vital role in the coming years, as we deal with COVID-19 and its aftermath. Dudley is a strong promoter of the chemical sciences and he is keen to see that the subject is recognised for its positive contributions to the enhancement of life and sustainability of the planet.