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The Sherborne Cluster

A PSTT Cluster Network in Sherborne, Dorset


PSTT Cluster Programme originally commenced 2016. Transferred to 2017

Through the support of Katrina Halford, a PSTT College Fellow, the primary schools in Sherborne were already working together before becoming a recognised PSTT cluster. Following a successful transition from being co-ordinated by a Fellow, the cluster is now self- run from within the group and supported by the PSTT. Originally 8 schools, the group has grown to include an additional local school and is co-ordinated by Abbey CE VC Primary School in Sherborne.

Cluster Lead: Laura Neville and Hannah Seaton.

Historical Cluster Lead: Katrina Halford


St. Andrew's CE VC Primary (Lead School)
Sherborne DT9 6LS

All Saint's CE VC Primary
Bishops Caundle
Dorset DT9 5NQ

Buckland Newton CE Primary
Buckland Newton DT2 7BY

Milborne Port Primary
North Street
Sherborne DT9 5EP

Sherborne Primary
Harbour Way
Sherborne DT9 4AJ

St. Andrew's CE VC Primary
Sherborne DT9 6LS

St Mary's CE VC Primary
Bradford Abbas
Sherborne DT9 6RH

Thornford CE VA Primary
Sherborne DT9 6QY

Trent Young’s CE School
Sherborne DT9 4SW


The Sherbourne vision is to provide a model of excellence for others to aspire to and to raise the profile of science across all schools within the network. Part of the original vision included building in plans for sustainability to ensure that the work has longevity as subject leaders/headteachers can move on. This has already shown to be a reality and become a successful characteristic of this group. The cluster aims to ensure that science is firmly on the agenda and that it will impact positively across other subject areas.


Needs Analysis has identified a core plan of development. Successful links with the local secondary school, The Gryphon, have been formed. A joint venture for AGAT children focussed upon Forces and good practice in Science. Training and CPD using the Royal Microscopical Society MAK (Microscope Activity Kit) led to all schools having the opportunity to develop microscopes in the Primary classroom and explore cross curricular links. Children, and adults, within the Sherborne area had their minds inspired and experiences expanded by a tour of ‘Gases in the Air’ from Tim Harrison at Bristol ChemLabs.


To find out more information about our cluster programme or how you can you get involved please feel free to contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.