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The GLF Primary Science Cluster

A PSTT Cluster Network in Surrey


(PSTT Cluster Programme commenced 2016)

The Glyn Foundation Academy chain is a group of non-selective schools including primary, junior and secondary schools which was founded in 2012. To date, there are 30 schools in the academy group, all of which aspire to deliver an outstanding education to their pupils. Part of this aspiration is to provide the very best primary science teaching.

The PSTT Cluster, formed of 10 GLF primary schools, enable these to achieve a proactive, dynamic and well-resourced network of science leaders who are committed to improving the profile and teaching of science in their schools – and who have the support, knowledge and skills to do so. Distinguished by its many links and influence in a larger group of schools, this Cluster illustrates the benefits of networks and collaboration.

Cluster Lead: Tom Holloway


Hillcroft Primary School (Lead School)
Caterham Surrey

Whyteleafe Primary School
Whyteleafe, Surrey

Marden Lodge Primary School
Caterham, Surrey

Danetree Junior School
Epsom, Surrey

Warlingham Village Primary School
Warlingham, Surrey

Cordwalles Junior School
Camberley, Surrey

Springfield Primary School
Sunbury-on-Thames, Middlesex

Windmill Primary School
Reigate, Surrey

Lime Tree Primary School
Redhill, Surrey

Salfords Primary School
Redhill, Surrey

Glynn Secondary School (Part of the cluster’s network)
Ewell, Surrey


The Members of the Network are be committed to the following important aims:

  • To raise the profile of Science across GLF schools to ensure that it receives the time, focus and support it deserves.
  • To improve the teaching of primary science across GLF schools to ensure that all our pupils receive the very best scientific education.
  • To establish GLF primary schools as models of best educational practice in primary science and transition.
  • To be pro-active in supporting a self-sustaining network of GLF science leaders that will serve the primary science needs of GLF primary schools.

There is a strong focus on planning, organising and delivering high quality primary science CPD that will have a wide-ranging remit including:

  • The identification of relevant innovative and enterprising practice – introduction of science clubs, working with the wider community and developing school amenities.
  • Moderating work and sharing ideas about assessment.
  • The identification and critical evaluation of novel resources including those that are web-based.
  • Developing a professional network - including sharing ideas through a shared Virtual Learning Environment.
  • Providing parity of science experience for all children attending GLF primary schools.
  • Sharing innovative and exciting practice – including school visits and lesson observations.
  • The wider dissemination of best practice from Reception to KS1, KS2 and ultimately through to KS3.


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