The Belfast Cluster

A PSTT Cluster Network in Belfast, Northern Ireland


PSTT Cluster Programme commenced 2016

The Belfast Cluster is a network involving four schools in the initial instance. The cluster was established with the central aim of developing playful science and technology resources with the support of Stranmillis University College. All four schools recognise the need to develop science particularly in the Foundation Stage.

Cluster Lead: Liz Branniff


St Teresa’s Primary School (Lead School)
Glen Road
BT11 8BL

St Oliver Plunkett Primary School
Glen Road
BT11 8AY

St Kevin’s Primary School

St Joseph’s Primary School
31A Holland Drive


The vision is to develop strategies and practical resources that will support the development of Science and Technology as part of play-based and activity-based learning strategies.

The cluster aims to create resources that are disseminated to other local schools to guide them in developing such practices in their own schools.


Key Achievements:

  • The creation and successful working of the Cluster, itself, is something to celebrate.
  • The development of playful science lessons within our 4 cluster schools, and science teaching and learning for the young children in these cluster schools.
  • The schools have also developed a playful approach to science, using role-play, stories and familiar characters to create a huge interest in solving a problem and finding an answer.

Examples are:
Year One: Summer Term: lessons created for Teddy and Pirate Pete topics.

Year Two: Lessons were created using Nursery Rhyme Science.

Key Areas of Impact:

  • There has been more practical science taking place in the cluster schools and the ideas have been disseminated to all classes within the cluster schools.
  • The interest in scientific enquiry has develop. Also, teachers use stories in a scientific way.
  • Creating opportunities for playful science within class topics.


To find out more information about our cluster programme or how you can you get involved please feel free to contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.