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The north shields cluster

A PSTT Cluster Network in North Shields


The original core of four schools have historic and beneficial relationships on which to expand their work in science. The Programme has enabled the inclusion of two additional schools to form a PSTT Cluster. Through a collaborative approach and joint ownership, the Cluster is in a strong position to develop their science and influence other schools.

Cluster Lead: Hannah Oseuke


The six, current, participating schools are listed below. Please complete the Contact Us form if you wish to discuss any potential involvement with this Cluster.

King Edward Primary School

Preston Ave, North Shields NE30 2BD

Holystone Primary School

Whitley Rd, Holystone, Newcastle upon Tyne NE27 0DA

Langley First School

Drumoyne Gardens, Whitley Bay NE25 9DL

Amberley Primary School

E Bailey, Newcastle upon Tyne NE12 6SQ

St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School

Farringdon Rd, North Shields NE30 3EY

John Spence Community High School

Preston Rd, North Shields NE29 9PU


Our Vision:

We would like to build a formal cluster in our area to create a robust science network that will support the development of science teaching and learning across local schools. Currently, we have met on an annual basis with a group of schools in the North East to carry out moderation in science and to share our knowledge of assessment. We would like to strengthen and widen our current network with the aim to further improve science teaching and learning across the schools. We shall do this by increasing the number of meetings held, through frequent and high quality CPD sessions, sharing practice and by creating a route for schools to share and develop science across the whole primary age range.

Our Aim:

Our aim is to create a robust science network that will specifically focus on developing ICT and the ‘working scientifically’ strand of primary science curriculum. To improve teaching and learning, we will focus on teachers’ subject knowledge, skills and science content, and the application of formative assessment. We will also use the cluster to evaluate the ways in which a wide range of ICT resources are currently being used to promote high quality science teaching. As a result of this, opportunities for children to use ICT will be greatly enhanced when working scientifically. The development of appropriate ICT will then enhance the teaching of effective science in the classroom whilst engaging learners with varying and/or additional needs. I will also provide support the schools that are completing PSQM. For example, Langley First school are currently initiating their application for PSQM and hope that their participation in the cluster will support their PSQM award.



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