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Working as a collaborative community to improve science teaching and learning

"Thanks to my involvement with the PSTT and specifically the Cluster Programme, I have been able to develop my career in ways I never thought possible."

We want to celebrate the successes of the Cluster Programme, share experiences and work to provide further progress for our networks. Learn about our main successes thus far.

Profile of scienceThe raising of science’s profile within schools and their localities is widespread and significant. In certain difficult situations and at certain times, for a few Clusters, maintaining the profile of science has proven an appropriate and worthwhile success criterium.
Relationship and collaborationBuilding strong relationships and collaborative activity between individuals and between schools is central to success in the strategy. This is a strong feature of the Clusters in each cohort and is highly valued by the groups.
SupportCoordinators and Clusters feel very much supported. Of course, at times specific issues occur; however, both within groups and from the Programme, high levels of support clearly exist.
Purpose and impactSound aims are necessary for a successful application and it is clear these are being put into effect. Clusters implement their intentions, adapt their aims, and develop their initiatives. Individual clusters and the Programme have significant beneficial impact on children.
Purpose and maturityEvidence shows all Clusters have developed over the period of the Programme. Although some may experience setbacks or barriers, with increasing cohesion, confidence and capabilities, Clusters make progress and mature.
Professional development and leadershipScience Subject Leads (SSLs) and Cluster Coordinators all benefit.
ResilienceClusters continue to operate, sometimes in challenging circumstances and workloads. Together, there is a robustness in the collaborations established and within the Programme.
Self-sustainabilityThe first two cohorts that are nearing the completion of the five-year Programme record optimism for the future of their Clusters and at this stage, plan to continue as a group in some form (although this is yet to be defined).

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