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Science & Engineering Education Research & Innovation Hub (SEERIH)


SEERIH aims to improve the teaching and learning of science & engineering in primary schools across Greater Manchester, with influence at national and international level. Its framework for continued professional development (CPD) supports the growth of professional learning communities of in-service teachers, University staff, students and business, through curriculum development and research. Primary-science and engineering focused courses, networks, clusters and projects enables SEERIH to achieve ‘the right CPD, for the right teacher, at the right time on the right issue’.


  • Establishing the Trajectory of Professional Development (TOPD) - a framework to describe the nature of professional learning through four stages of engagement (Bianchi, 2016)
  • Improving teachers’ practice by widening access to sponsored CPD courses, conferences, clusters and projects. Teachers describe how their confidence, identity and influence as a science teacher impacts on their teaching, children’s learning and whole school culture for science.
  • Enhancing the interaction between teachers and University staff and students allows for the transfer of knowledge and practice of teaching and learning across the primary-Higher Education.
  • Broadening opportunity for teachers, including PSTT Fellows, to engage in curriculum development with leading national groups and opportunities: the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, The National Army Museum, The National Trust and the Halle.
  • Leading local and regional development through campaigns such as the Great Science Share (GSS) – an annual programme of events to support young people in sharing science with new audiences. As a European City of Science legacy project, GSS raises the profile and wide-scale engagement in primary school science. Shortlisted for a Social Responsibility ‘Making a Difference Award 2017’.


Key areas:

  • Models of in-service teacher continued professional development
  • Cross-sector professional learning partnerships (primary-secondary-Higher education)
  • Enhancing wonder in the primary classroom (from Wow to Wonder to Working Scientifically)
  • Pedagogic approaches to primary engineering education


Bianchi, L. (2016) A Trajectory for the Development of Teacher Leadership in Science Education, Journal of Emergent Science, Issue 12, 72-83

Bianchi, L. and Chippindall, J. (2016) Tinkering – a pedagogy for primary engineering?, International Symposium on Engineering Education, Conference Proceedings, July 2016, Sheffield

The Great Science Share 2016 film


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