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A scientist just like me

Introducing children to a diverse range of scientists and people who work in science-related jobs

A Scientist Just Like Me is designed to raise awareness of diversity in science-related jobs and to provide illustrated examples of a wide range of science-based careers. It consists of a series of short slideshows, each one ‘telling the story’ of a particular scientist or person working in a science-related job. The people included share details of their work and their everyday lives, making their stories relatable to children. They describe their job, what they like about it, and the challenges they have faced on their career journeys.

The slideshows also focus on the skills, attitudes and habits that are needed to carry out the work, rather than on any expert knowledge, which may be daunting or seem out of reach to children. At the end of each slideshow, the children are encouraged to imagine and discuss what it might be like to do that job.

Here is an example of one of these slide shows:


Analytical chemist

Candy Jiang

Female, Eastern Asian, Chinese


If you are working in a science-related job and would like to help us raise awareness of diversity in science based careers, please complete the form below and we will contact you about making a slideshow about you and your work.


These resources were created by PSTT Fellows, Kulvinder Johal, Alison Trew and Ali Eley during 2021.

We are extremely grateful to all the scientists featured in this resource; we thank them for their time, for sharing their information, and most of all for the enthusiasm and commitment to the aims of the resource.