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Professor Dudley shallcross

Atmospheric Chemist, CEO of PSTT

Dudley Shallcross is CEO of the Primary Science Teaching Trust. He has won several awards for his research in science (atmospheric chemistry) and contributions to science education and science engagement at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. He became Director of the Primary Science Teaching Trust in 2010 and established the Trust's College of excellent primary science teachers that aims to draw together the best primary science practitioners in the UK.

Having seen how outstanding primary school teachers were able to bring real-life science contexts to the classroom, he started the series of ‘I bet you didn’t know…’ articles to introduce teachers and pupils to cutting-edge research. He brought together the PSTT Fellows in this group to continue this work.


  • Primary School Science
  • Secpndary School Science
  • Tertiary Chemistry and Mathematics Teaching
  • Science Policy
  • Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Teaching of Practical Science
  • Air Pollution